Gambling Tips in Las Vegas

Gambling Tips in Las Vegas

* Try to spend some time learning about the games you intend to play. If you are willing to blow a $1000, wouldn’t it be a decent idea to spend $10 on a book to learn the basic rules and strategy? Your money is valuable.

* There is a different angle to every game in the casino. Keep this in mind even for slot machines, a few little tips can go a long way toward helping you hold on to your money longer.

* If you play games of skill such as Blackjack or Video Poker, try to learn at least a basic form of strategy for your game. Just practice before you get there. It can make all the difference between having money to gamble all vacation or busting out on your first night. Remember, you are there just for fun, not for losing you all money.

* You can purchase simple strategy cards at most casino gift shops. Get one of them. For a more extensive selection, check out Shop LVA or Gambler’s General Store. Don’t feel intimidated about using them at the tables; most places don’t care, especially at low stakes.

* Games to avoid… Casino War, the Big Six wheel and crazy bets at the Craps table like hard-ways. These bets have a very high house edge and will kill you fast. Why being an easy food?

* Always sign up for the slot club or ask to be “rated” at the tables. The worst thing that can happen is the casinos will give you free stuff. I often receive offers in the mail for cheap or free rooms after playing a little while years ago.

* If possible, consolidate your gambling to just a few casinos. It is better to play $100 at a single casino than to play $20 at 5 casinos. You would also enjoy more their services.

Betsy Salazar

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